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"I wanted to share with you some feedback I was given this morning from one of our customers. She told me that she was so impressed with Pamela's interview and the questions that were asked.  She indicated she would have liked to record the way you asked various questions so that she could use in her own work. Her last comment was Pamela is truly a “diamond in the rough” and I would expect her to really be successful in your company or whatever she puts her focus on. "

"Throughout the recruiting process, I was confident in Chris's expert knowledge and guidance, as he provided pointers along every step of the process. He was especially helpful in keeping strong communication between my new employer and I. There were no surprises along the way and expectations were discussed early. For that reason, it was the least stressful interview process I have ever experienced."

"God has blessed you with a great gift. You are extremely talented at what you do."

"From initial contact, to coordinating interviews, through negotiations...she was there providing support, answering questions, and helping to prepare me for the next step. Katrina ranks as the top recruiter with whom I've worked over my career and I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring recruiting services. For hiring needs, she would be the first recruiter I would call in the future."

"Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I was just talking to my dad, telling him how grateful I am for this job. I am very fortunate to have a great territory with a great company. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't called. Thank you Steve. My numbers this year should be double what this territory was last year. So you're looking pretty good too. Thanks for everything."

"A client called us in a panic.  They were being audited by the EEO and did not have all their data in order – they asked me if had the data and due to our intentional systems & processes and our tracking of everything, we were able to fill in a lot of holes they had to pass the audit."