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Executive & Professional Search Firm

Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs

Our Mission: Connecting Great People with Great Companies

Our Vision:
Reinventing Recruiting with Resolve

Accomplishing our mission and realizing our vision comes down to four Core Beliefs. These beliefs define what we do every day.
  1. Recruiting is an Information business, not a sales business.
    We will be honest, transparent, and respectful. Our expertise, industry knowledge and commitment to confidentiality will help you make wise decisions.
  2. Recruiting is an Invitation business, not a transaction business.
    We believe in the humanity of people. People are not products and we will build strong relationships through ongoing positive experiences.
  3. Recruiting is an Innovation business, not an imitation business.
    We will continually improve processes and innovate in everything we do. We will accept nothing short of Excellence.
  4. Recruiting is an Intention business, not a passive business.
    We will conduct ourselves with purpose and professionalism. Our value system will reinforce the benefits of partnering with TYGES.